Randi Erickson is a near 70 year old grandmother who has spent the past few years online defending Timothy Charles Holmseth, a pedophile and wanted felon. Her husband Brian Erickson claims that he hasn’t seen his wife in about a year. Essentially this man’s wife has ran off with another man.

Not only has Randi left her husband for Holmseth, but Randi is financially supporting Holmseth and the two are now traveling the US stalking people and filming it. Holmseth is forbidden from distributing his shit book because he accuses innocent people of some pretty terrible things. He thinks that because he is on the run from law enforcement that he can just act without consequence. His girlfriend/financier thinks the same, but those days are going to end soon enough according to Navy SEAL veteran, Craig Sawyer.

Daniel John Lee, another crazy conspiracy person used to be on good terms with Holmseth until Holmseth attacked him recently. Lee spent years defaming innocent people and accusing them of being satanic sex abusers and child traffickers. He, like Holmseth, made these claims with zero evidence and through their defamatory statements tried to interfere in the businesses of several men associated with Sawyer. Finally in an attempt to stifle Lee’s malicious statements they filed a defamation suit which they recently won. Lee owes them nearly $5,000,000 in damages. The judgement entry from the court is attached.

Sawyer has also recently stated that he intends on pursuing both criminal and civil charges against Holmseth and Randi Erickson. If this family knows where she is at they need to contact Anoka County law enforcement and tell them.


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