Randi Erickson’s behavior over the past few years has been bizarre, but her paranoia and sickness have become over the top in the past few months, and the past few days have become very concerning. It has been revealed that Brian Erickson informed deputies that his wife has not been in the home for almost a year. She has run off with pervert Holmseth and during their time on the run they are posting threats of violence to those they claim are traffickers. Randi is now of the belief that the military will be taking over the country to haul Democrats and non-Christians to the gallows of Gitmo. This ideology is paranoid and quite dangerous. Randi Erickson has become so extremist that she is paranoid and she should be considered armed and dangerous by the law enforcement who were attempting to contact her at her home.

But did Brian Erickson lie that he hasn’t seen her in a year? It’s hard to say, but if he did he is going to get himself into the criminal mess that Randi has entangled herself in. What is going on with this family? Are they all mentally ill?

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