Randi Erickson is trying to rewrite history by now claiming that she was not harboring fugitive, Timothy Charles Holmseth. Randi has admitted repeatedly for the past 2 years that she has been financially supporting Holmseth and has had him living in her home. Anoka County Sheriff’s deputies went to her home to search it and the out buildings looking for wanted felon Holmseth. Brian Erickson, her husband was home at the time of the visit and allowed them to search. One must wonder what Brian Erickson thinks of his wife putting this much money, time and effort into a man who has spent the last decade writing sexually deviant fantasies about children and the sexual assault of toddlers.

Randi and Holmseth have also spent the past two years making false accusations against innocent people and purposely defaming them while scamming people into believing that they work for the Pentagon and Donald Trump. At some point these people are going to have had enough and start filing legal actions.


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