Timothy Charles Holmseth and Randi Erickson continue to make fantastical claims about being followed and now they claim that they were swatted. They were not swatted. Randi Erickson is harboring a wanted felon and the sheriff’s office has on several occasions gone to her home to inquire as to Holmseth’s whereabouts. Holmseth claims that Randi Erickson has never been at the home when sheriff’s deputies showed up. So where is she? Is she on the road with Holmseth and what must the family think of this? Very odd indeed. On Twitter she claimed to be at the park with her grandchildren. That may or may not be true, but if she is around children she needs to be reported to the department of family services. These parents are committing child abuse by allowing her and the pedophile around their kids.

Randi Erickson may have told Anoka County Sheriff’s investigator, Christopher Beck, that Holmseth was not at her home, but she has posted photos of him in her home, as well as videos when he was livestreaming. Randi Erickson has spent the past two years cyberstalking and harassing people online. She has been warned numerous times to cease and desist. If her victims were smart they would file for protective orders against her.

Randi is going to end up with felony charges against her for harboring a fugitive. Why isn’t Brian Erickson doing something about his insane wife?

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