Randi Lyn Erickson is back on twitter spreading her disgusting hate speech and making threats which will bring consequences.

Randi supports domestic terrorist Field McConnell who is currently awaiting trial for felony aggravated stalking. McConnell is a hateful viper who met Timothy Charles Holmseth in July 2019. Randi Lyn Erickson actually set up the introduction. McConnell spent months making death threats on his daily youtube live streams and when his victim finally had to obtain a court ordered injunction to prevent him from continuing to harass her, he violated the day it was served upon him. McConnell was then arrested and jailed awaiting extradition to Florida. He has been on house arrest or in jail since November 2019 and he has Timothy Charles Holmseth to thank for dragging him into his sadistic criminal enterprise.

Randi now claims that she is speaking to space force.

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