Melissa Grover is a close associate of Randi Erickson. She is also a sovereign citizen and probably mentally ill. She and her son have a close relationship with the police as both have had run ins with them. Her son, Jason Youngstrand, had a standoff with them that ended up in him being shot in his truck in the trailer park they live in. Both are sovereign citizens.

Grover believes that she is also a part of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force – which does not exist. She also believes that the jibber-jabber affidavits they serve upon law enforcement and courts are legitimate. As you can see in the above video, they are not. LOL

Melissa Grover drinks too much and one night when she was plastered she posted this video. I mean, who wouldn’t want THIS to help them get their kids back? LOL But this is the company that Randi Erickson keeps.

That’s not how this works, Melissa.

4 thoughts on “Melissa Grover Gets Owned By Anoka County Sheriffs”
    1. ill leave you with this .. slandering on the internet is a very dangerous practice.. the teeth missing are from ah her nephew when he had a grand mal seizure and she got kicked in the face by 270lb man since nobody’s there was to help she was on her own and terrified. you are all greatpeople ? the fuck is wrong with you . how do you even have the time?. god didnt raise you.. thats facts.. if this site exist . its not in the soul ..but for profit and that is the sin and falilure to the father . yee not help. but cast stones full of sin , we will let some time pass to question the reality of this site if it remains 30 days after this post , all data will be wiped , any user data of the visitors as well will be wiped clean and bitlocked drives to the ,”unusable status “, “consider this” a “warning from anonymous ”

  1. Are you her equally toothless son? The bad parent who isn’t allowed to see his children?

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