Randi Erickson may have been a nice person long ago, but today she is a sovereign citizen and involved in QAnon, a group that the FBI has deemed to be a domestic terror threat. Each and every day Randi Erickson proves that she is an extremist and a threat to the safety of children and to the government. Randi supports E-clause which is a group of dimwits who believe they can practice law without being educated or licensed to do so. As sovereigns believe, God allows them to do whatever they wish even if it is in opposition to laws and societal norms. They do not respect the court and do not respect men and women who sit on the bench to oversee the court and insure that the laws are followed.

Today Randi Erickson is supporting Kirk Pendergrass, a man who she was angry with last summer because he and his partner, Christopher Hallett, did not help her lover, Timothy Charles Holmseth. Randi even bought Kirk a car and a new computer so that he could “represent” Holmseth in his Polk County, Minnesota criminal matter. Holmseth was so mad that they lied to him about his warrant that he made a video cussing them all out.

But today, they are back in love with Kirk – even though his ex-girlfriend killed his partner, Chris Hallett.

Randi has put herself on a path of destruction. She has spent the past two years harassing and stalking people who are sick of her shit.

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