Randi Erickson has been a staunch and rabid supporter of Timothy Charles Holmseth. It is important for people to understand who Holmseth is. Timothy Charles Holmseth has been on a decades long journey of criminal stalking and harassment. He has made the most heinous accusations against innocent people and grandmother Randi Lyn Erickson is okay with the filth that is emitted from his mouth. Randi repeats that filth. She will be forever connected to her thoughts of the “anal rape of children”. Who even speaks like this or has these vile thoughts going through their heads?

What was he searching for when he came upon these images?

Holmseth has multiple restraining orders against him and it has been said by Craig Sawyer that he intends to sue both Holmseth and Randi Erickson for defamation. He has been successful in a previous lawsuit against one of their associates, Daniel Lee. Randi Erickson is a grandmother and is ruining her family name by aiding and abetting Holmseth. The sheriffs have been to her home to search it because they were tipped off that Holmseth was staying there. How humiliating for her family.

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