Randi and Timothy Holmseth have spent a lot of their time making disgusting and false accusations against one of their most ardent detractors, William Murtaugh. Randi has attempted to economically shame Mr. Murtaugh by making fun of him for where he lives. Keep in mind that Randi is a 60s something grandma who is engaging in this bullying.

FACT: Timothy Charles Holmseth is HOMELESS. He does not own nor have a home that he himself rents. He has not had a job in years as he has existed financially by either defrauding unsuspecting marks or by having married Randi Erickson financially support him. This screenshot from Holmseth’s gab account is beyond ironic.

Timothy Charles Holmseth has claimed to drive all over the country with his mother/lover to stalk and “investigate” their enemies. He has filmed locations and made outlandish accusations of pedophilia, child trafficking and child sexual ritual abuse. He and Randi have encouraged others to harass and cyberstalk his victim, KP and others. Timothy was actually re-arrested because he instructed Randi Erickson on the phone to harass his victim for him while he was incarcerated. Holmseth and Erickson have made themselves public figures in the sovereign citizen/QAnon movement. They have both publicly claimed that they work for Donald Trump and are working members of the pretend Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Any information that is gathered about them is posted to debunk their fraudulent claims and provide information to the public to avoid these two criminals at all cost.

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