Randi Lyn Erickson is a grandma with a mental problem. Normal grandmas are spending time with their families and making memories, but not for Randi. She is traipsing across the country with a homeless pervert and hiding him from capture by law enforcement. She is committing a felony.

Last week Randi claimed to buy a new car and now she is on the road to “Florida” where Holmseth’s victim lives and making veiled threats to one of their elderly victims who lives in Apopka. Randi Erickson has made countless threats to William Murtaugh. She has harassed him relentlessly over the years demanding that he show her the inside of his home while demeaning him for living in a mobile home. She has made fun of him for being retired and demeaned him for living on a fixed income. Randi has even gone so far as to make fun of him because his son died at a young age. Decent women don’t engage in this kind of behavior and Randi Lyn Erickson is not a decent woman.

This is an open request to Randi’s family. If you know where Holmseth is or if she is keeping him at her home, please call the Anoka County Sheriff. If you know that she is traveling to Florida with him, please telephone Florida law enforcement authorities and provide his location. TURN HIM IN! He has an active warrant out of the state of Florida as well. It is high time to get Holmseth off the streets and get your mother some help!

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