Randi Erickson literally believes that she is a member of the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Here she is telling someone in a CPS group that she is a member. She forgot to tell this person that Chris Hallett was gunned down in his own living room by Neely Petrie Blanchard because Chris Hallett was lying to her about her family court case.

Christopher Hallett spent years fleecing Neely Petrie-Blanchard of her time and money and pretending to fight for custody of her daughters. On the evening of Nov. 15, she shot him in the head multiple times in his Ocala, Fla., home. Neelie Petrie-BLanchard is one of MANY women who Chris Hallett, Kirk Pendergrass, and Randi Erickson have steered in the wrong direction with their advice to file sovereign citizen affidavits in family court and muddle up their cases to the point of fracturing families.

Chris Hallett was gunned down on November 15, 2020 because of the lies he and his cohorts spread to take advantage of parents, and on February 13, 2021 Randi Lyn Erickson continued to spread those lies to enrich herself and the remaining members of their organization.

According to a Wall Street Journal article written about Hallett’s murder they stated

Mr. Hallett’s strategy didn’t work. “These continuing greedy, vicious, and vindictive attacks on me will NOT go unanswered. I am tired of being ignored, treated with ambivalence and contempt,” he wrote in a federal court filing in 2016 that included an itemized invoice claiming the U.S. Attorney in Tampa was 60 days overdue in paying him $33,001,321.86. The case was dismissed and no money was paid to Mr. Hallett.

Neely Petrie-Blanchard became obsessed with regaining custody of her children and she met people on Facebook who introduced her to QAnon. One of those people was Randi Lyn Erickson. Randi applauded Neely and Chris for “going after” family court and the system. She encouraged Neely to keep fighting and reinforced her beliefs that child services was sex trafficking her child. After Neely gunned down Hallett in his home Randi acted like she “barely knew her”.

Randi Erickson and her friends have blood on their hands.

7 thoughts on “The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, Neely Petrie Blanchard and the Murder of Chris Hallett”
  1. Neely Petrie Blanchard, has she been convicted? Your reports act like it is a done deal. TictokTicTokTicTokTictokTikToc, what happened to the DNA you were going to plant? Ooops, must of been an idle threat that holds no substance, kind of like this gang stalking website. You do know this is part of the evidence right?

    1. No one was going to plant DNA. What are you on about? This website provides factual information using Randi Erickson’s own words. Randi and Timothy have racked up plenty of evidence against themselves which is why the sheriff went to Randi’s home last night. tictok tictok to you, friend.

      1. wow, you seem to not in the loop for having such hate for Timmy. The denial will look good on the evidence.

        1. The only evidence mounting is against the pervert Holmseth and his mother/lover Randi Erickson. You should spend less time listening to these morons and more time in a law library actually reading how to get yourself out of the legal conundrum you’re falling into.

  2. The owner of this site must be one weird sick person. You might want to get some mental health help.

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