Randi Erickson is a horrible person. Randi consistently shows how ugly she is on the inside, but today her behavior reinforces that she is someone who should be exposed as the pile of garbage that she is. Randi is a mother and a grandmother and spends her days on social media harassing and stalking others. Just take a look at her Facebook account. It is nothing but hate speech. She holds others to higher standards than she holds herself. Randi Erickson routinely demands that others live their lives the way that she sees fit, but then herself disobeys the teachings of God which she pretends to abide by.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Randi made the following post today on Easter Sunday of all days. On this most holy of Christian holidays, Randi is spending it making fun of Barrett Robbins a former NFL player. Randi should be spending this day with her family and celebrating the most important day of her faith – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. She should be glorifying her savior’s sacrifice to mankind by giving his own life so that she and others would experience the everlasting love of Christ and their own eternal promise of salvation. Randi’s savior gave his life for her sins and today on the holiest of Christian days, Randi Erickson is sinning and laughing in the face of one of God’s children because of his mental illness.

Barrett Robbins has been very open in the past about his mental illness. Certainly being an NFL player exposed to the hits and being tossed around didn’t help his brain, but Randi Erickson doesn’t see that. Nor did she mention it. Robbins was released from his contract with the NFL in the summer of 2004. Since then, Robbins’ life has been defined by jail, rehab, mental hospitals, and living on the streets. But Randi Erickson didn’t care to make comment on that. Instead she thought it was hilarious that he was having a mental crisis and was wearing nail polish.

Randi Erickson spends a lot of time making excuses for her alleged pedophile friend, Timothy Charles Holmseth. She claims that everyone makes mistakes and that Timothy’s felony charges were “years ago”. She applauds him for being a former alcoholic and going into recovery. She applauds him while stalks, harasses and writes the filthiest and raunchiest stories about child sexual abuse, but on this day…the holiest of holy…Randi Erickson defiles one of God’s children because of his mental illness.

You can’t get any lower than Randi Lyn Erickson is.

Craig Sawyer, a veteran Navy SEAL plans on suing Randi and her perverted sidekick Timothy Charles Holmseth. He says the lawsuits will be filed shortly. Randi has accused Craig of being a child trafficker.

But Randi’s hate isn’t just directed at those who the Lord says should be protected. Randi Erickson regularly posts hate speech about marginalized communities and horrible things about people because she doesn’t agree with how they live their lives. She slanders innocent people with false accusations of being child traffickers or pedophiles. Randi’s Facebook and her Twitter account was suspended for hate speech. What will Randi’s grandchildren think when she is long gone and the legacy she left behind was one of hate and ugliness? Her posts will live long past her own time here on earth.

Randi has made countless baseless accusations against innocent people and they are sick of it. She stalks and harasses Craig Sawyer. He has said that he will be suing Randi and Timothy Charles Holmseth. Randi lives with and protects a Timothy Charles Holmseth who has been accused of sexual abuse. She pays his child support and is hiding him out even though he has multiple warrants for his arrest. He writes exclusively about his child sex fantasies, and Randi has had her grandchildren around this man.

Randi has also been involved with a group of sovereign citizens who provided fake legal services to mothers who had lost their children. She participated in scamming them out of money and one of her associates, Chris Hallett, was murdered by one of Randi’s friends. She killed him in cold blood because they were lying to her about the “help” they were supposedly providing her. They lied to her that President Trump would give her her children back and when it didn’t happen, Neely Blanchard blew Hallett’s brains out on his kitchen floor.

Randi makes fun of people because they live in mobile homes. What would her grandchildren think of her behavior? Is this a good example? Do her children know what she does online? She is a horrible person. She should never be allowed around anyone’s children.

Anyone who speaks out against Randi and Holmseth are targeted and accused of being horrible crimes. Those who defend themselves against the disgusting things that she and Holmseth accuse them of are targeted. Many are just waiting for the lawsuits to start flying against them. How embarrassed is her family going to be?

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10 thoughts on “Randi Erickson Sins on Easter Sunday”
  1. What is strange is that Randi never mentioned me at all until she met and groomed her sidekick. I have never met Randi and she has never met or talked to me except when she is trolling my social media accounts and demanding I get a job at Wal-mart. I have explained that due to the posts her and Timothy Holmseth have put up accusing me of committing serious crimes, that Wal-mart and other major employers will not hire me. Employers are increasingly checking the internet to ensure that they will not be taking unnecessary risks when hiring someone. Randi does not comprehend or care about this. I am on social security and because of this, I cannot afford a fancy house or apartment. Rents are extremely high throughout the country and you would think someone in the real estate business would understand that. Her recent post about the Oakland Raiders player demonstrates her racism and bigotry since he is a man of color. Both Randi and Tim have demonstrated their bigoted and racist views in the past. It is unfortunate that Randi and Tim spend the bulk of their time gangstalking others rather than doing something productive.

  2. She is disgusting. Jesus does not like dark souls like that. Are we sure she’s not demonically possessed? I will pray for her..

  3. The fact her family does nothing about her crimes speaks volumes. If they had ant morals at all they would turn her in, and her disgusting in the run, boyfriend in. Timmy is a criminal and they are all protecting them. They all need Jesus

  4. You gangstalkers are quite funny, you spend this much time making websites to gangstalk people you can’t find nor stop posting what truth they see. So you have to offset it by making spoof websites. A complete sign of weakness, it is so funny you think this affects anyone but YOU and YOUR weak EMOTIONS. Wow. Such weak people. Can’t even take care of someone who posts stuff about your gangstalking and criminal network.

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